Housemaid accused of taking obscene picture of child

Woman also charged with possessing and sharing indecent images

Dubai: A housemaid has been accused of sexually abusing a three-year-old girl by taking obscene pictures of the child, a Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Sunday.

The 31-year-old Indonesian housemaid sent the pictures to her relative and boyfriend. The 40-year-old Iraqi employer said the housemaid started working with them in May last year and after two months she discovered that she was having a mobile phone. The employer took the phone from her for a day and returned it back after the housemaid said she wanted to speak with her husband and son.

“Later in November, I discovered that she has a second phone. I checked both the phones and saw indecent pictures and clips of the housemaid and one obscene picture of my little daughter. When I confronted her she claimed that she did it for no reason,” the Iraqi woman told the investigators.

The housemaid told the mother that she sent the indecent pictures to her relative and boyfriend. The suspect confessed sending the daughter’s picture to her sister back home on WhatsApp.

The Iraqi woman then took the housemaid to Al Rashidiya police station.

Dubai Police investigators found several indecent picture on her phone, including a picture of the little girl.

Most of the pictures were sent to others on WhatsApp.

The suspect was charged with sexually abusing the child, possessing indecent clips and pictures and sending it to others.

She confessed the charges and a verdict is expected later this month.


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