Hit-and-run accidents claim three lives in Dubai

Dubai: A motorist who fatally ran over two people and fled the scene was arrested by Dubai police within two hours despite no cameras on the road or witnesses.

Brigadier Yousuf Al Adidi, director of Al Ghusais police station, said the 21-year-old motorist was driving his sister’s vehicle under the influence of alcohol and ran over two Asian people before fleeing the scene.

Earlier this month, police were alerted about the hit-and-run accident at 5am. Ambulance and police patrols went to the scene but the two victims were already dead.

“We started collecting evidence but there were no witnesses or cameras in the area. We only found a broken side-mirror. Our officers and experts discovered that it belonged to a 2006 Ford grey colour vehicle,” Brigadier Al Adidi said.

Police issued a warrant to search for the vehicle and a police patrol found it parked in a yard at Al Karama area within two hours.

“We checked the owner and it belong to an Asian woman. We summoned her and she denied knowing anything about the accident. However, she said that her brother took the car from her and we arrested him.”

The motorist confessed to police that he ran over two people as he was under the influence of alcohol and he fled the scene of the accident as he was frightened. He was referred to prosecution for further investigation.

Meanwhile, Brigadier Al Adidi said that they recorded another hit-and-run incident this month, when a cement mixer vehicle ran over three people who were waiting at a bus stop.

“It was night and they were waiting for the bus when he crashed on to them and escaped. One of them died and two others sustained serious injuries,” he said.

Dubai Police urged motorists not to flee after hit-and-run accidents because they will be prosecuted, and urged pedestrians to cross the road from designated areas.


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