Guard beats and curses 2 policemen in street

Policemen asked suspect for his personal identification papers after street fight before he assaulted them

Dubai: A guard has been accused of beating two policemen and cursing them when they asked him for his personal identification papers after a street fight, heard a court on Thursday.

A police patrol was summoned to Al Nakheel area after a group street fight was reported to the Dubai Police’s operations room in April.

Two policemen headed to the location and asked the 22-year-old Kenyan guard for his personal identification papers, according to records, but he refused to show them.

The guard turned violent and beat one policeman on his head and cursed him and when the latter’s partner intervened to assist him, the suspect assaulted him as well.

The two policemen then restrained the Kenyan, handcuffed him and took him into custody.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of assaulting and insulting two policemen while doing their job.

Prison wardens did not bring the suspect from detention and present him before the Dubai Court of First Instance where he was scheduled to enter his plea on Thursday.

One of the assaulted policemen claimed to prosecutors: “We headed to the location where the street fight happened. When I asked the suspect for his papers, he responded angrily that he wouldn’t show me his papers. Then he beat me and cursed me … then he assaulted my partner as well when he tried to assist me. We restrained him and took him to the police station.”

A Pakistani witness testified to prosecutors that he saw the suspect assaulting the policemen and heard him cursing them as well.

“I did not witness the policemen beating or assaulting the suspect … one of the policemen fell down when the suspect assaulted him,” he told prosecutors.

The trial continues.


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