GPSSA: 100% is pension in case of retirement due to total disability resulting from work injury

Sun 25-03-2018 22:12 PM

ABU DHABI, 25th March, 2018 (WAM)—The General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) has said the pensions law grants insured workers, including those who died or became totally disabled as a result of a work injury, 100% of their salary as a pension.

This ruling assumes a disabled worker spent 35 years in service, and will pay the entire pension even if their subscription in the insurance programme was for only one month.

Hanan Al Sahlawi, Director of Government Communication Office at GPSSA, said the number of requests received by the medical committee specializing in confirming retirement cases due to lack of physical fitness reached some 211 requests in 2017. Of these, 89 cases were awarded full pensions, and 122 were rejected. In 2016 the committee received 207 requests, 72 of which were confirmed to receive full pensions and 135 cases were rejected.

She noted that if the insured’s pension due to total disability is not the result of a work injury, or if retirement was due to a lack of physical fitness for their work, the insured’s service period is raised automatically, and they would receive a pension of 60% of their pension salary.

She pointed out that in the case of the insured suffering a total disability or natural death, and they had a service or subscription period of one year and they were 59 years old, their service period would be raised as if they had spent 15 years of service to deserve a pension of 60%.

WAM/Hassan Bashir


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