(24th April 2015) DUBAI, UAE – REAKS Records presents the first ever GLOBAL SOUND COLLAGE featuring 58 musicians from around the world.

The “Global Sound Collage” is a fresh platform where talents across the globe can collaborate online and make music with artists, musicians, songwriters. Most of the recordings have been done using a simple mobile device for both audio and video. REAKS RECORDS which is based in Dubai, UAE aims to promote online collaboration and world music and launch fresh new singles every week, the Global Sound Collage being one of them.

The Video was launched on  the EARTH DAY (22nd April) on REAKS RECORDS official youtube channel.
The music has been arranged and mixed by DJ AKS who is also the founder of REAKS RECORDS. He has previously collaborated on many releases including official remixes for Enrique Iglesias, Katy Perry and Bollywood Movies.


 GSC artwork


Artists in order of appearance:

Beth McPherson – USA
Lady Kash – Singapore
Alex Creighton – USA
Cat Greenfield – USA
Arnob Khan – Bangladesh
Rated R – Australia
Rory Bolton – USA
Shaun Holton – Australia
Ariyah – Australia
Steve Jones – UAE
Cardiac – USA
Zack David – USA
Zsuzsanna Molnar – Hungary
Mehreen – Bangladesh
Raoul Sada – India
Alex Sax – UAE
Anna Calvo – Philippines
Biba Singh – USA
Amid – Bangladesh
Rafael Moser – Brazil
Shahrar Nizam – Bangladesh
Jelixa – USA
Dan Monaco – USA
DJ Sayem – Australia
Alex Ginga – Romania
Jeyabhargavi – UAE
Farid Bangabashi – Bangladesh
The Rain – Malawi, Africa
Tanjina Islam – USA
Bishal – Bangladesh
Alamgir Khan – India
Sam Sahotra – USA
Aches Khan – Bangladesh
Mujtaba Malik – Pakistan
Patrick Marmorat – France
Aurin – Bangladesh
Jubu (Bangla Mentalz) – Bangladesh
Samir(Bangla Mentalz) – Bangladesh
Wahid Kabir – Bangladesh
Rapsta – Bangladesh
Sarowar – Bangladesh
Newaz – Bangladesh
Rabby Rb – Bangladesh
Habib R – Bangladesh
Nathan Yates – USA
Ammy Phoenix – Australia
Sarah Islam – Bangladesh
Vblock Dutch – USA
Pavel – UAE
Sagarika Deb – India
Laszlo Molnar – Hungary
Roam Roy – USA
Oded Adar (Brownies) – Israel
Efrat Darky (Brownies) -Israel
Taz Beatboxer – Syria
Supaturbolocity -USA
Music Arranged/ Mixed and Mastered by DJ AKS

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