Get ready for more showers across the UAE

Dubai: Residents on Wednesday across the UAE woke up to dark skies and showers, with more rainfall expected throughout the day.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) reported light rain in Dubai, as temperatures hovered at around 23C and a humidity level of 44 per cent.    

The weather will remain cloudy in general, and while rainfall is expected to hit various areas of the UAE, the coastal and northern areas will be especially affected by storms over the coming days. 

The temperature across the UAE will be cool, according to weather forecasters, with temperatures ranging from 17C-30C in coastal areas, 16-33C in internal areas and 11C-24C in the mountain region. 

Light to moderate rain, as well as strong southeasterly-northeasterly winds affected a number of residential areas late on Tuesday, including in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Fujairah.



The NCM posted an online video across social networking sites, showing the wet weather in Al Ain during night time. 

Videos of the unstable weather in Dubai were also shared on social media.

In its daily weather forecast, the NCM said, “southeasterly-northeasterly winds of up to 40km/h will blow across coastal areas… and convective clouds will increase over scattered areas, accompanied with rainfall.” 

The weather on Thursday and Friday will remain cloudy with chances of rain, and the winds are expected to blow sand and dust over exposed areas, leading to poor visibility across the UAE roads.

Seas will also be rough over the next two days in the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea, with waves as high as 9ft.



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