Fuel prices to go up in February

Abu Dhabi: The Ministry of Energy on Sunday announced new fuel prices for the month of February, with petrol and diesel prices going up compared to January.

Including VAT, the per litre prices for various categories of fuel for February are: Super 98 — Dh2.36, Special 95 — Dh2.25, E Plus 91 — Dh2.17 and diesel — Dh2.49.

The per litre prices for January were Super 98 — Dh2.24, Special 95 — Dh2.12, E Plus 91 — Dh2.05 and diesel — Dh2.33.

The fuel prices by the Ministry of Energy are determined by the global oil market, which hit a recent high of $71 per barrel on Thursday, the first time oil has reached that high since 2014. Oil prices since then have gone back to around $70 per barrel, due to Opec-led cuts in oil supplies by 1.8 million barrels a day.

Super 98: February: Dh2.36 / January: Dh2.24, 5% increase

Special 95: February: Dh2.25/ January: Dh2.12, 6% increase

E Plus 91: February Dh2.17/ January: Dh2.05, 5.8% increase

Diesel: February Dh2.49 / January: Dh2.33, 6.8% increase


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