FNC delegation concludes participation in IPU meetings in Geneva

GENEVA, 23rd October 2018 (WAM) — The FNC delegation led by Dr. Amal Abdullah Al Qubaisi, Speaker of the Federal National Council, FNC, concluded its participation in the meetings of the 139th General Assembly and the 203rd Governing Council of the IPU, held in Geneva as well as the official meetings that took place on the sidelines of the IPU meetings, within the framework of official diplomacy aimed at cooperation with all countries.

The general assembly meetings were attended by the FNC delegation which included Ali Jassem Ahmed, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Mehrezi, Afraa Rashid Al Basti, Jamal Mohammed Al Hay, Dr. Saeed Abdullah Al Muttawa, Aliaa Soliman Al Jassem, Faisal Hareb Al Thabahi, members of the FNC and Ahmed Shabib Al Dhahery, FNC Secretary-General.

Dr. Al Qubaisi highlighted the UAE’s cooperation with its regional and international partners aimed at reinforcing security and stability and achieving peace and combatting terrorism, and warned that some countries in the region including Iran are seeking to interfere in the internal affairs of Arab countries and threaten their security, stability and national sovereignty by spreading chaos, violence and sectarianism.

She said that the outcome of international cooperation in achieving peace is still short of our ambitions and the people’s ambitious, as there are still areas witnessing conflicts, and some of these conflicts are deteriorating in light of the technological development and cyber wars.

On the sidelines of the FNC delegation’s participation in the IPU meetings, the FNC Speaker held talks with heads of the geopolitical groups including Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al Sheikh, President of the Saudi Shura Council, emphasising the reinforcement of their current cooperation in all areas especially parliamentary areas, reflecting the keenness and aspirations of the leadership, government and people of both countries.

Dr. Al Qubaisi also met with Seddiq Shehab, Head of the African Geopolitical group in the IPU that comprises 51 countries, where they stressed the importance of promoting cooperation in different areas between the UAE and the group’s countries.

She also chaired the third meeting of the high-level international parliamentary consultative group in charge of combatting terrorism and extremism as part of the IPU meetings in Geneva.

Dr. Al Qubaisi stated that the group’s meeting produced a number of recommendations and goals approved by all the members of the group who represent a number of countries. They also approved a working programme full of important initiatives including holding a global parliamentary summit against terrorism, establishing a database for the key anti-terrorism legislation, establishment of an e-platform for the exchange of expertise and capacity building in this important field for parliamentarians and promoting the role of organisations and governments in the joint anti-terrorism efforts. The General Assembly and the Governing Council approved the increase in the consultative group’s members to include all geopolitical groups.

The FNC delegation participated in the coordination meetings of Arab, Islamic and Asian groups aiming to coordinate positions on different topics of mutual concern. It also participated in the meetings of the general assembly, governing council, permanent committees among other activities.


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