The Fetal Medicine & Genetic Center Announces New Location in Abu Dhabi

March 14, 2016, Dubai: To address the increasing demand from patients and referring physicians in the UAE, The Fetal Medicine & Genetic Center, Dubai has recently announced the opening of their new branch in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi.

The Fetal Medicine & Genetic Center is the only OSCAR (One Step Clinic for early Assessment of Risk) Clinic, providing state of the art expertise in the entire UAE region. The center has always been pioneering in introducing the advancement of women’s health using fetal development education and medical procedure. The practices carried out are purely based on holistic pregnancy care and evidence. The medical team at The Fetal Medicine & Genetic Center dedicatedly serves to improve maternal and child outcomes. They aim to raise the standards of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of maternal and fetal disease by focusing on the advancement and dissemination of knowledge. Recognized as a leading provider of prenatal care and genetic testing for pregnant women, The Fetal Medicine & Genetic Center provides infertility diagnosis and treatment, assessment and scan during the three trimesters of pregnancy, non-invasive prenatal test, Down syndrome screening, morphology scan, genetic testing, Amniocentesis & Chorionic Villus sampling, high risk pregnancy care, and midwifery services.

The objective of this new location is to make the facilities offered by The Fetal Medicine & Genetic Center available to people residing in and around Abu Dhabi. The new center is now all set to serve its valued patients.


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