FANR launches Innovation Strategy

ABU DHABI, 21st February, 2019 (WAM) — Marking the UAE Innovation Month, the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation,FANR, launched its Innovation Strategy. FANR aims to develop and discover innovative solutions to contribute to its vision to be globally recognized a leading nuclear regulator.

The newly launched strategy is aligned with UAE Vision 2021 where innovation is part of the pillar ‘United in Knowledge’, which focusses on innovative Emiratis building a competitive economy.

FANR, being the nuclear regulator in the UAE, is mandated to ensure the safe, secure and peaceful use of nuclear radiation activities in the country. The Innovation Strategy consists of three strategic focus areas: safety, security and safeguards, which constitute the core of FANR’s mission.

Supporting these focus areas, the strategy includes a number of innovation drivers, namely skills that include ‘ Drive Awareness’ , ‘Develop Competencies’, ‘Incentivize Participation’. Such will drive employees to develop their innovation skills and apply them to contribute to FANR’s mission. Building the skills of FANR’s employees, engaging them in its work will lead to higher awareness levels and increase participation internally among themselves and externally with partners.

In addition, the strategy includes a set of enablers that provides the stimulating environment for innovation. It includes ‘Improve Governance’, ‘Refine Process’, and ‘Increase Collaboration’. Having such enablers will create the environment needed to nurture accountability, ensure sustainability of innovation initiatives as well as increasing cooperation.

“For us at FANR, innovation is not new. It is one of our principles since our establishment in 2009. The regulatory approach and practices that FANR have established to suit the UAE are innovations emerging from best international practices. Today, we witness the launch of our innovation strategy that will help strengthen FANR’s efforts towards regulating the nuclear and radiation sectors in the UAE. FANR has the skills and expertise who are ready to dedicate their efforts to contribute to the overall mandate of FANR as well as the UAE Vision to be one of the best countries in innovation,” said Shaima Al Mansoori, Chief Innovation Officer at the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation.

FANR plans to conduct a number of activities this year to support innovation efforts such as Innovation Portal where it will be a gateway for FANR’s staff to receive their ideas and initiatives. A series of Innovation Labs where FANR internal and external stakeholders meet to experiment new ways of solving problems, using a diverse set of tools or technologies, integrating different perspectives and following a thorough innovation process.

Moreover, FANR will conduct an internal innovation challenge to support talented employees and generate ideas that can be implemented in the organization. Other activities will include an internal Intellectual Property System which will help to protect the copy rights.

The Innovation Strategy was launched in an event that included a number of activities designed to engage and encourage staff such as a talk with the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority on Government Innovation Approach, a workshop on leading innovation as well as interactive activities.


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