Families forced to split amid Kerala floods

Damaged mobile phones, flat batteries and power outages adding to the difficulty of locating people

Thiruvananthapuram: In the rush to save lives, rescuers helping out in Kerala’s devastating floods have quickly taken people to the relative safety of relief camps.

However, the hurried rescue efforts seem to have split families, with members of a single family often being forced to go to different relief camps.

In Kottayam district, a 15-year-old girl, Leena Varghese, was searching for her parents, who are apparently in some other relief camp.

Leena was at a camp being run at the Emmaus School in Kaduvakulam, but her parents were not at that location.

She is the daughter of Varghese and Shiny, of Alappad.

The family hails form Edathua, part of the backwater region of Kuttanad, where the flood waters are yet to recede.

The family members were rescued when the waters surged into their home.

At her camp, Leena had the consolation of being with several of her close neighbours from Edathua, but she hoped to locate her parents soon.

Flood-damaged mobile phones, flat batteries and power outages added to the difficulty of locating people.

Man dies, seeing wreckage

Meanwhile, a middle-aged man in Aluva, one of the worst-affected areas in the floods, collapsed and died after returning to his home and seeing it devastated.

The deceased was identified as Anil Kumar, 56, of Konorpalli, Aluva. Kumar had returned home from the relief camp and was deeply disturbed to see its condition after the floods.

Snake bites, and a croc

Authorities have issued warnings to people about the likely presence of snakes and other reptiles in homes as the flood-affected return home from relief camps.

As many as 45 people were reported to have been bitten by snakes in the Aluva region alone over the past two days.

On the banks of the Chalakudy river near Thrissur, local residents spotted a crocodile. The crocodile was captured and handed over to forest department personnel.

Child dies in relief camp

At the Thiruvanvandoor camp in Chengannur, a two-year-old girl died after running a high fever. The deceased was identified as Anavadya, daughter of Sunil Kumar and Anupama.

The child had been brought to the camp with higher than normal temperature and her condition worsened afterwards. She was moved to a hospital in Adoor and then taken to Thiruvananthapuram, but could not be saved.

Fake news peddler held

A man who spread a fake news on social media during the floods in Kerala, has been taken into custody.

The accused, identified as Aswin Babu, had spread a canard that the Mullaperiyar dam in Idukki district had breached, spreading fear across the state. Babu is a native of Nenmara in south Kerala.

Relief for cancer patients

The Regional Cancer Centre in Thiruvananthapuram announced that it would continue to offer treatment to patients hit by the floods even if they had lost their documents during the calamity.

Cancer patients affected by the natural calamity would be able to consult doctors even without prior appointment, and duplicates would be issued for the medical records and RCC registration documents that have been lost in the floods, RCC authorities said.


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