Falconcity of Wonders “Movie Night” for its Little Residents

Cartoons are an integral part of life, particularly for children. Today, a child’s world is incomplete without them. As a treat for the little ones, Falconcity of Wonders organized a special Movie Night for the second time for its little residents. The little fans had a fun-filled time watching the movie.

The aim in organizing a special movie screening was to enable children to break out of their daily routines and have fun networking with other fellow children residents post school hours.

Commenting on the community initiative, H.E. Salem Al Moosa- Chairman and General Manager of Falconcity of Wonders said “It gives us immense pleasure to plan special activities for our children that bring a sense of interaction for them. Community events serve as a great platform for encouraging interaction amongst the dwellers. The kids not only had a night of entertainment, but also got to network and socialize with children from different cultures, languages and ideas that dwell in the same community. It was truly a wonderful experience seeing the next generation watch, laugh and play together. In addition to the movie and tech nights, we also encourage planning of events that enhance physical activities for the kids.”

While the children had a fantastic experience viewing the movie in the open air alongside their friends, they also had an opportunity to play simple games planned by the organizers.

The Movie night was one of the many events planned by Falconcity for its residents. In the past Falconcity have also organized events for Ramadan, Eid and National day celebrations to enrich the residents’ experience. In addition, the expansive project also offers diverse outdoor activities for the kids at the Play Areas. While the chalk boards remain an all time favorite, the soon to be launched basketball court will revolutionize the play set up.



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