Facebook adopts corrective measures to protect users from false content, says rep

Wed 04-04-2018 20:22 PM

DUBAI, 4th April, 2018 (WAM) — Nashwa Aly, Head of Public Policy at MENP Facebook, defended the company from accusations of spreading and circulating false news and information, adding that social media platforms and technology companies do not create content but only circulate them.

She stressed that the circulation of false or fake news is a problem for Facebook and explained the company’s responsibility towards its users, as well as its desire to provide the correct news, and the creation of fake accounts to spread fake news.

During the second and final day of the Arab Media Forum, in a session titled, ‘The Creation of Fabrication’, Aly affirmed the company’s efforts to ensure that Facebook users are protected from fake news and are not harmed by any content published on Facebook, whether information or advertising.

She added that Facebook has undertaken corrective measures to reduce the negative use of its platform, and the public is a key partner of the company, which was created to promote communication and friendship between people from around the world and to promote the rapid spread of information.

Aly went on to say that the establishment of Facebook’s ‘Security Centre’ is one of its corrective measures to prevent attacks on its users while noting that the company will also launch a new service in the Middle East and North Africa to track and remove false news, and urged the public to verify the validity of the news on the platform.

“We are working closely with journalists in the Arab region to counter fake news, and we have started a partnership with media institutions to train journalists on how to manage news on Facebook and prevent their negative use,” Aly continued.

Facebook recently updated its systems to allow it to track and counter fake news and prevent them from reaching its users, including by blocking misleading commercial products, websites and links. “We want our users to access good and real products through genuine links, not fake ones,” she concluded.

WAM/Nour Salman/Tariq alfaham


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