Expats to renew driving licence every 2 years in Oman

Muscat: From March 1, expats in Oman will have to renew their driving licence once every two years instead of the current 10, Royal Oman Police (ROP) has announced. The move is part of a new amendment to the country’s traffic law. However, expats who currently have licences valid for 10 years will have to renew them once every two years only after the expiry of their present licence.

A ROP official told Gulf News the decision was aimed at controlling the misuse of licences, whether in Oman or outside. “The Omani driving licence has a strong reputation internationally as the ROP follows strict procedures when issuing the licence to both Omanis and expats,” he said.

He added that some expats take advantage of the 10-year validity of the licence. Many violations were reported inside and outside the country.

“For instance, some expats who have light driving licences, drive heavy trucks, which is not allowed. To drive a heavy vehicle, expats should have heavy vehicle driving licence,” he said.

The ROP also introduced a black point system for new drivers in Oman, who will also be issued temporary driving licences for one year under a probation scheme.

Drivers who get more than 10 black points on their temporary driving licences will have to take more driving lessons. Temporary driving licences will be extended by only one year for a new driver who earns more than seven black points in a year.

However, Omani drivers who earn six or less black points during the probation period will obtain a 10-year driving licence.


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