ESMA uses ‘film message’ to raise awareness of ‘modified vehicles’

DUBAI, 10th November, 2018 (WAM) — The Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology, ESMA, has developed a new method to promote its message on the UAE’s regulations on safety requirements for modified vehicles, which were mandatory at the end of last year.

The authority is raising awareness of the regulation through the film “Hajwala 2”, the first advertising campaign based on a drama.

The film, which will be screened 400 times in 90 cinemas in 10 countries in mid-November, most notably in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, features the story of young people who alter the structure and engine of vehicles for use in different races. The authority aims to reach hundreds of thousands of viewers in the UAE, the GCC countries, and some Arab nations.

ESMA’s initiative is the first-of-its-kind at the federal level, which adopts a government body to accurately define the target group by directing awareness and guidance messages about the technical regulations and their impact on maintaining public safety of owners of modified vehicles.

Abdullah Al Maeeni, Director-General of ESMA, stressed the importance of the principles of social responsibility to reach the targeted segments of society in a more realistic manner in order to ensure the awareness message reaches the required category.

In order to improve the concepts of safety and public safety in the country, the UAE will later be the starting point for awareness projects of this kind, he added.

Ali Al-Marzouqi, General Manager of “Dhabi Film” Company, said that he was very pleased by the immense support by ESMA for “Hajwala 2” which sets a precedent with messages of awareness to an Emirati, Gulf and Arab audiences, and also for supporting the film industry in the UAE.

Al-Marzouqi confirmed the keenness of the “Hajwala 2” team in recruiting a large segment of passionate motorsport fans for the events in this film in a way that makes it attractive to them.

The team filmed scenes at the headquarters of ESMA in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, The Emirates regulations on safety requirements in modified vehicles, the methods of obtaining the conformity certificate from the authority, the technical inspection centres accredited by ESMA, and other details in the context of the dramatic and useful information.


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