ERC dispatches first aid convoy to rescue people of Al Azariq District, Yemen

Thu 27-09-2018 15:10 PM

DHALE, Yemen, 27th September 2018 (WAM) — The Emirates Res Crescent, ERC, yesterday dispatched the first relief and food aid convoy to rescue the residents of Al Azariq District, Dhale Governorate, in Yemen.

The urgent aid convoy, which was received by Major General Ali Muqbel, Governor of Dhale, included 1,500 food parcels and similar number of food supplements for children, and a medical team.

The ERC was the first to respond to the calls of humanitarian organisations to rescue thousands of residents and children in Al Azariq, who are suffering from malnutrition, a lack of healthcare services and famine, and threaten their lives and require urgent intervention.

Commenting on the aid, Muqbel said, “The ERC – as we have said – was the fastest response to the relief of the affected and the support of the vulnerable. Today, we receive the first convoy of relief aid and food supplements for children arrived from Aden to Al Azariq as a first stage to save its people He added that the ERC sent a medical team to assess the local health sector, provide residents with the necessary healthcare requirements, and implement initiatives that will immediately improve their situation.

Muqbel also thanked the UAE, represented by the ERC, for supporting all local sectors, including education, health and relief.

The residents of Al Azariq thanked the UAE represented by the ERC for alleviating their suffering.

WAM/Esraa Ismail



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