Environment Ministry unveils UAE Green Dashboard

Dubai: Curious about the UAE’s progress in greening the country’s economy?

A new digital platform now makes it easier to explore a plethora of environmental efforts underway to combat climate change, and it’s impact on the social and economic fabric of the emirates.

Speaking at the opening session of the fifth World Green Economy Summit on Wednesday, Dr Thani Ahmad Al Zeyoudi, UAE’s Minister of Climate Change and Environment, said the new platform dubbed ‘UAE Green Dashboard’ will provide a wealth of green statistics and data.

The Green Dashboard was developed to enable a wider range of stakeholders to understand the UAE’s efforts in greening the economy via the government’s open data policy by utilising performance data for their own research and analysis, the ministry said in a statement.

Aisha Al Abdooli, Director of Green Development and Environmental Affairs at the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, said: “Measuring performance is a critical component in achieving the ambitions set out in the UAE Vision 2021 and the Green Agenda 2030. With this open data tool, the public will be clearly informed of the country’s direction and the current status of its green economy transformation. This will encourage public and private sector entities to join the Ministry’s efforts in achieving the nation’s green goals. In addition, we hope this initiative will enhance our overall green know-how and improve the formulation of policies on the green economy.”

In addition to highlighting benchmarks and past results for the 41 green key performance indicators (UAE Green KPIs), the dashboard that integrates seamlessly with the software used by the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs, sheds light on the general level of compliance with the targets and the annual progress rate, thereby facilitating target-setting for the future.

The dashboard is accessible on http://kpis.moccae.gov.ae/#/page/home in both Arabic and English, and allows anyone to access the underlying data for the UAE Green KPIs. The public can freely arrange the data in different chart types as per their needs and download selected data as spreadsheets.


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