Employee jailed for sexually abusing best friend

The defendant picked up student and drove towards a desert area where he abused him at knifepoint

Dubai: An employee, who drove his best friend to a desert area where he abused him sexually at knifepoint, was jailed for one year.

The 20-year-old Emirati student called up his countryman best friend, a 21-year-old employee, and asked to meet him to discuss a certain issue in February.

The employee picked up the student and drove towards a desert area where they stayed chatting in the vehicle at 3am at Al Ruwayyah.

Then the two stepped out of the car and the defendant spread a mat on the sand and they continued chatting before the employee asked to have sex with the student, who refused.

After having failed to convince his friend to permit him to have consensual sex, the employee forced himself on his best friend and abused him sexually at knifepoint.

Shortly after the defendant dropped his friend home, the victim reported the matter to the police who apprehended the accused.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the defendant of sexually abusing and molesting his friend at knifepoint although he pleaded not guilty.

The victim said the incident happened after he asked to meet his friend and speak to him.

“Prior to this incident, we had a very strong friendship although my parents had constantly advised me to stay away from him. I called him that day and asked to see him … he picked me up and then drove to Al Ruwayyah. He stopped in a desert area where we chatted for some time then we went out of the car and he put a mat on the sand. We discussed several topics and when we talked about sex, he asked to have sex with me. I refused. Then he threatened me with a knife and forced himself on me. Then he apologised for what we had done and we dressed up. I informed the police shortly after he dropped me home,” he testified.

The primary ruling remains subject to appeal before the Appeal Court.


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