Emirates Red Crescent comes to aid of Taiz

Abu Dhabi: Despite facing challenges, the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) has exerted considerable efforts to respond to the calls for the rescue of various cities in Taiz Governorate, which have suffered from the atrocities of Al Houthi militias and other local rebel groups.

The UAE’s rescue, energy, health and education initiatives have also highlighted it’s efforts to assist many Yemeni regions hit by war.

For over a year, the ERC has been dispatching urgent aid convoys to the liberated areas of Taiz while implementing vital development projects that aim to restore normal living conditions.

The ERC has also fulfilled the needs of refugee camps, where many Taiz residents have taken refuge after their forced displacement by Al Houthi militias and local rebel groups.

The ERC recently intensified its efforts, aided by the UAE Armed Forces, to secure the arrival of rescue convoys in the liberated areas of Taiz.

The ERC has distributed thousands of food parcels, including 2,000 in village of Wahja and 3,000 in Al Silw District. It also dispatched a humanitarian aid convoy that provided tents, in response to the calls of residents of many remote areas.

The ERC has supported the governorate’s health sector and supplied it with essential medical supplies and equipment, to operate local hospitals and health facilities and fight the spread of cholera.

During the last week of April, the ERC inaugurated the General Mocha Hospital, after its restoration was completed.

Addressing on the occasion, Ali Al Muamari, Governor of Taiz, praised the ERC’s leading developmental role in Yemen, which has restored the hope of the residents of the Red Sea Coast.

When cholera was spreading in several Yemeni governorates during the middle of last year, the ERC dispatched urgent shipments of medical supplies to all medical centres in Taiz, even those that were under Al Houthi occupation, through other international health organisations.

The ERC is monitoring its efforts to support its reconstruction and development projects and restore the infrastructure in Taiz, which was destroyed in the war started by Al Houthi militias.

The ERC has also signed an agreement with Taiz Governorate to implement phase one of the Year of Zayed 2018 projects, in the field of education, water and food.

The ERC has implemented several services projects in Taiz, which include a water project and the reconstruction of 14 houses that were damaged in the war, as well as the maintenance of Mocha Hospital and a health clinic in Yakhtal.

On March 7, the ERC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Taiz Governorate to restore the 120-megawatt Mocha Power Plant.

The ERC is also organising a mass wedding in Mocha City, with the aim of restoring hope among youth and making them happy,


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