Eight Principles of Governance: New Chapter in Great Leaders’ Biographies

By: Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, Executive Director of WAM

ABU DHABI, 5th January, 2019 (WAM) — The eight defining principles of governance for Dubai, endorsed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, corroborate the fact that the United Arab Emirates will remain a role model for value-based leadership thanks to the well-throughout-out strategies charted by the country’s leaders across five decades of significant achievements.

This Magna Carta, which has been in force for around five decades, has fructified into the country’s leading a myriad of global competitiveness and development indices across different fields, ensuring a much-coveted status for the UAE in general and Dubai in particular, among most advanced nations.

Issued following 50 years of achievements by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed, this document sheds light on a significant aspect of the modus operandi followed by the country’s great rulers and Founding Fathers who spared no efforts to consistently secure fresh highs for their nation, ensuring social welfare and economic wellbeing for their people, despite all challenges and under all circumstances.

Dubai, which came ninth among the world’s 10 best places to visit on earth, according to Canada’s Best City, is part and parcel of the United Arab Emirates; deriving its strength from the country’s Union that adds embraces all its emirates while nurturing the unique character and talent of each one.

It goes without saying that justice is the basis of governance; it is the watchword for ensuring stability and prosperity for all. No One is Above the Law, a fact that has turned the country to a magnet for all those seeking a prosperous, fair and stable life at present and in the future.

As epitomised by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed, growth is driven by three factors: a credible, resilient and excellent government; an active, fair and open private sector; and public and government flagship companies that compete globally and generate an income for the government, jobs for its citizens, and assets for future generations. It is these inexhaustible assets that ensure supremacy for a nation among the best of the bests.

From his profound, fifty-year experience, Sheikh Mohammed picked up golden rules that have earned Dubai an eminent global stature, and ensured the well-being of the UAE people, the sustained progress of the nation, and the welfare of generations to come.

It has been a must to document these defining principles for the current generation of the UAE people so that the destiny of “our future generations would not be affected by the fluctuations of regional politics and global economic cycles,” as His Highness said.


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