Echo-Xpats: Discovering and Expanding to New Continents

Relocation and Change Management Consultants Echo-Xpats headquartered in Dubai with an established presence throughout the Middle East for the last 11 years, has now expanded operations into Africa. The company has recently signed and executed a relocation agreement with one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. The project scope was to deliver relocation services in South Africa which were successfully delivered on schedule and within budget.

David Donnelly, Managing Partner of Echo-Xpats stated that “since the takeover of the company last year, all of the hard work and effort that our staff have put in is paying off. The quality of service to our clients ensures that we stand out from our competitors and we continue to grow despite a slow down in global economies.”

Echo-Xpats are continuing to expand their operations throughout Africa and have signed an agreement with a major global distribution and logistics firm to cover South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, and Malawi. These breakthroughs in developing markets are key for Echo-Xpats to diversify not only their global operational footprint but also the services that they provide for their clients.

Aaron Mitchell, Business Development Manager of Echo-Xpats, explained that his role is “to correctly position Echo-Xpats to assist in the relocation of the estimated 277,000 jobs to be created by the EXPO 2020. Broadening our Global Reach is crucial and our successful expansion into Africa is a key step in this process”

Echo-Xpats do not plan to stop their global expansion at Africa. Work is presently ongoing to move into the Asian, European and Former Soviet Union markets. David Donnelly explained ‘our Managing Partners and new team members have experience with operating in global markets with many Fortune 500 companies. Leveraging this experience, our networks and integrating them successfully with our established ISO 9001 Management System Frameworks and innovative relocation software and technology enables us to grow quickly whilst ensuring that quality of service and client delivery remains at a consistently high level. Our unique selling points are our people, the quality of service delivery and our innovative technology, by placing these at the center of our global strategy we believe we outperform our competitors and deliver a superior service.”

To find out more about Echo-Xpats and the service offerings please visit, or contact us at or +971 4 427 3726.


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