Duo caught possessing 40kg marijuana

Anti-drug enforcement officers caught one suspect rolling marijuana joints at home

Dubai: A salesman and a driver possessed 40kg of marijuana for promotion that anti-drug enforcement officers seized from them, heard a court on Tuesday.

An informant alerted anti-drug enforcement officers that the 27-year-old Nepalese salesman possessed marijuana at his residence to consume them and promote them among users in February.

Anti-narcotics policemen obtained prosecutors’ warrant to search and arrest the Nepalese and upon raiding his house in Al Rashidiya, according to records, the man was caught red-handed rolling marijuana joints.

Officers searched the salesman’s residence and found several sacks of marijuana in a bed drawer and a huge travel bag that contained huge amounts of marijuana placed under the bed.

The 45-year-old Indian driver, who was standing outside the Nepalese’s house, was also apprehended after a piece of marijuana was seized from his pocket.

Police took the Nepalese and Indian suspects for drug tests and the results came positive.

Prosecutors accused the two suspects of possessing 40kg of drugs and 40 pills of alprazolam for promotion and consuming hashish.

The Nepalese suspect was solely accused of possessing two sacks of marijuana weighing 230gm and 10.4gm of harvestable poppy seeds.

The Indian suspect was accused of possessing 2gm of hashish and poppy seeds weighing 5gm for planting.

The duo pleaded not guilty when they appeared in the Dubai Court of First Instance.

They admitted before presiding judge Urfan Omar that they possessed the marijuana and other drugs for their personal use and not promotion.

An anti-narcotics police lieutenant claimed to prosecutors that the suspects were apprehended following an informant’s tipoff.

“We raided the salesman’s house near Al Rashidiya police station at 10.20pm. When we raided his residence, he was seen rolling marijuana joints on a small table in the middle of the room. We also seized loads of the same drug hidden in a huge travel bag that he had kept under his bed. When we asked him about the bag, he said it was not his and that he did not know to whom it belonged. His accomplice was apprehended outside the house and we found drugs hidden in his pocket. Upon questioning, the Indian suspect admitted that the bag was his but denied any connection to its content … he alleged that the marijuana belonged to the Nepalese suspect,” he testified to prosecutors.

The trial continues.


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