Dubai Municipality launches Ramadan health and safety campaign

Level of service at hotels, shopping malls, salons, leisure and entertainment venues to be monitored throughout the day

Dubai: Dubai Municipality’s Health and Safety Department has launched a campaign to monitor establishments that serve the community during Ramadan, including hotels, shopping malls, gents and ladies salons, personal care centres, sports clubs, and leisure and entertainment venues.

Dr Naseem Mohammad Rafie, acting director of Health and Safety Department, said that during the campaign a team of inspectors will conduct inspections throughout the day in all types of establishments.


“Our inspectors will cover 7,560 establishments that will come under scrutiny for the adherence to health and safety requirements. The inspectors will also respond promptly to all reports and complaints received by the department against such establishments and resolve them quickly,” the official said in a press release.

Rafie said the campaign also includes 832 mosques in the Emirate of Dubai, which will witness a great deal of follow-up through health and safety inspections to provide comfort to worshippers so that they can devote themselves to spiritual pursuits.

“The team of health control inspectors will undertake the inspection of 694 hotel establishments, 92 shopping centres and 151 leisure and entertainment centres, which are a haven of delight and a favourite place for families of citizens, residents and tourists who come to Dubai in Ramadan.


“We have to ensure that everyone spends the happiest moments in our city. We will also follow up and monitor 5,121 gents and ladies salons and beauty and personal care centres in the emirate and we will ensure that they also adhere to the health and safety requirements.

“It is well known that everyone is maintaining their health and fitness during the holy month. There is an increasing demand for the 670 fitness centres across the Emirate where inspectors from our section will be available to inspect and scrutinise health and safety requirements,” said Rafie.

She pointed out that since Dubai is the most prominent destination regionally and internationally during Ramadan, the world’s attention will be on it as to how it welcomes its guests.

“Hence, Dubai Municipality, represented by the Health Control Section in the Health and Safety Department will ensure that all residents of Dubai, citizens, residents and visitors, get the best of the holy month of Ramadan and they enjoy health and safety through the implementation of a plan of action to control the establishments that serve the community of the Emirate during Ramadan,” she said.


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