Dubai man honoured for nabbing robber

Dubai: Police have honoured a resident for his bravery and heroic act after he came to the rescue of a tourist couple in Dubai.

Hamdi Bhansi, an Arab national, was standing outside his home when he noticed a European couple looking quite distressed. 

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Bhansi, who works as a food inspector at the Health and Safety Department of Dubai Municipality, approached the couple and asked if they needed any assistance.

“The man told me that his wife had just been robbed, and that three Asian men stole her handbag,” he said.

Bhansi immediately reacted and ran down the street in the direction where the thieves ran off.

Within minutes, the good Samaritan caught up with the robbers and managed to hold one of the suspects down on the ground until police arrived.   

“It was my duty as a responsible citizen of UAE,” he said.

Bhansi not only returned the woman’s handbag, but also invited the European couple into his home for a cup of tea to calm her nerves. 


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