Dubai gears up for The Sand Pit’s debut event on April 17th

Dubai gears up for The Sand Pit’s debut event on April 17thImage 1

Registrations are open for the Middle East’s only event that solely focuses on untimed, 10-km obstacle challenges

The 15-obstacle course has been designed to show people what they are truly capable of by challenging them and making them work together

Dubai – UAE, March 01, 2015: The Sand Pit, founded with the aim of showing people that they are capable of taking on challenges by working together towards a shared goal, will host its debut event – The Sand Pit at Dubai’s Al Barari. The 10-km obstacle run will be held on April 17th from 8am until 4pm and is open to all – men and women alike, who can register as individuals or teams. Participants will be set off in waves throughout the day and aim to complete a series of 15 obstacles including several water obstacles that have been evenly spread out to keep them cool during the run.

The Sand Pit, unlike other events across the Middle East, is the only event that focuses solely on untimed challenges as the focus is on making it a fun event rather than a competition, promoting camaraderie, helping people realise their true physical and mental abilities, and just having fun!

Firas Masri, Co-Founder and CEO of The Sand Pit said, “The Sand Pit promotes a healthy lifestyle and teamwork, and encourages belief in one’s own capabilities to achieve the unexpected. We wanted to create something that was focused on health and fitness but at the same time was fun and accessible to everyone. We understand that a certain percentage have a competitive desire, but it would be impossible to complete The Sand Pit challenge running alone. A number of our 15 obstacles need you to work with others in order to overcome them, like “A Friend in Need” and “The Quarter Pipe.”

“Like the Arabian Oryx on our logo, runners are going to work together instead of compete against each other. It’s not a race: people are there to be with each other, to overcome their personal challenges while being part of a team. And, to a greater extent, a part of all the people running the course.”

“Everyone who participates in the event will finish the course a changed person. There’s the pride of completing a very tough challenge, the proof that limits are merely a state of mind, and even the joyful intensity that comes with the creation of bonds through adversity.”

The different elements that describe The Sand Pit, and which participants will eventually experience during the challenge, are not just important factors for one’s personal development but their professional one too. This is probably the reason why the UAE, home to a large expatriate population and early adopters of international trends, is fast becoming the regional hub for endurance sports. Not surprisingly, the long-term goal for The Sand Pit’s co-founders is to build the most attractive endurance event in the Middle East and promote a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and exercise, while helping people realise who they really are.

Masri added, “Beyond our runs we want to be consistently engaging and giving back to our fans, even during the offseason between our two events. One example of this is providing training and nutritional advice – we will regularly release training and food guides as well as training videos.” “We also release behind the scenes videos which give our fans an inside look into what goes on in making The Sand Pit come to life.”

The different obstacles in The Sand Pit Run are: Sub Zero, Into the Pit, Stride of Pride, Barby, The Ape Dome, Rings of Terror, Wally, The Quarter Pipe, Plumber’s Smile, The Mountain, Arachnophobia, A Friend in Need, Alcatraz, Log Days and Hanging by A Thread. For more information visit: Prices for tickets are AED 260, AED 310 and AED 360 for early bird, standard and late entry respectively, whereas entry fee for spectators is just AED 10.



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