DUBAI- The Flourishing Precinct for Healthcare Industry

Increasing population, adulteration, growing prevalence of lifestyle diseases and compulsory healthcare insurance policies have significantly contributed to the growth the Dubai’s healthcare industry- both private and public firms. Healthcare has grown significantly as the government has strived hard to provide world-class medical services, this, in turn has also helped many healthcare professionals by providing a large number of opportunities.

Dubai with its growing economy has lured the expats across the globe. This migration has not only helped bring talented professionals but has also added to the growth of many industries, especially the healthcare sector. The sector has benefitted the most from the rise in immigration, both in terms of seeing a rise in numbers of patients and getting a large number of professionals joining the sector in different capacities. Much of the growth can be attributed to factors such as efforts by the government and international investments. 

Additionally, this rapid and substantial growth in the healthcare industry has inspired students, both national and expats to come and make their careers in this reputed sector of Dubai. This rush has helped Dubai become one of the leading destinations for medical tourism and Health Care Avenue.

Here is a closer look at the recent updates that took place in Dubai’s healthcare industry that helped shape the medical industry:

  • Sleep is said to be an essential element for both physical health and emotional well-being.  It is estimated that around 24 percent of men and 21 percent of women in the UAE have sleep disorders. Therefore, to tackle all the sleeping problems, UK’s acclaimed London Sleep Centre is all set to create its mark in Dubai. The center will open up its branch at Dubai Healthcare City. The world famous center aims to set a new standard of sleep medicine within a Gulf Region and provides comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services to tackle the entire spectrum of sleep disorders. In addition to this, the clinic is also the world’s first clinic to have an integrated Dental Sleep Medicines as a part of its treatment offerings. The launch of the center will not only increase the awareness of sleeping disorders in the UAE but will also provide a boost to healthcare jobs in Dubai.
  • Another addition to Dubai Healthcare City in 2017 will be a branch of India’s Medanta Hospital. With an aim to offer the most appropriate and improved care to the patients, the hospital will offer a wide range of specialties including neurology, cardiology, liver and renal transplants, oncology, and orthopedics, among others. This facility will have a significant impact on Dubai’s medical tourism as it will be the first Medanta’s hospital in the UAE.

Dubai has steadily gained recognition for providing world-class health care facilities and has established itself as a medical tourism hub as it has witnessed increasing number of medical tourists year on year. The establishment of Medanta will also lead to an increase in the healthcare jobs in Dubai and efforts to meet the demand for specialized medical treatments.

  • Dubai Health Authority announced that its hospitals and specialty centers have received more than one million patients in 2015. In addition, all the Dubai Health Authority hospitals had high occupancy rate, which is a reflection of the quality of services and availability of skilled doctors and nurses. The progress report of these hospitals will have a significant impact on the sector, as it will lead to greater inflow of international patients, and will also see a rise in students opting for medicine and related fields.

However, in order to ensure a long-term success in the medical industry and tap the most appropriate job opportunities, it is impertinent that healthcare professionals inculcate some basic skills such as soft skills, communication skills and time management skills. Apart from knowing their trade inside out, it is very important for medical professionals, especially the ones that deal with patients, to communicate effectively with both the patients and their families in order to make them feel comfortable and establish the trust.

A brief summary of such qualities include –

Sensitivity towards patients

Healthcare professionals should carry a positive attitude and emotional intelligence. They should be sensitive towards the patient as in the wake of a bad or an unexpected news, the professionals are required to communicate the news to the members of the family. Therefore, it is necessary to demonstrate the ability to counsel and show compassion and empathize with the patients.


To have a successful and satisfying career, medical professionals especially doctors are required to keep the level of composure and professionalism so as to maintain the patient’s confidence in their treatment. Furthermore, medical professionals are expected to make the decisions carefully on the basis of their knowledge and training.

Therefore, this challenging profession can be very rewarding and fulfilling if professionals can keep themselves updated, and perform their duty keeping the above mentioned positive notions and pointers in mind.

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