Dubai coach blackmailed shooting champion with sex tape

Coach threatened to post their sex videos on social media when she wanted to break up

Dubai: A former shooting champion and her coach have been accused of having consensual sex, after he blackmailed her and threatened to post their sex videos on social media.

The Emirati former sport star was allegedly involved in a sexual affair with the Lebanese man, who coached her at a private club in Dubai between 2014 and 2015.

According to court records, when she decided to stop seeing him, the latter blackmailed her and coerced her to continue their affair. He threatened to put up videos of them having sex online.

When the woman was apprehended by the anti-narcotics police for her involvement in a drug case, the coach continued to threaten to upload the videos and her nude images on social media.

It was then when the woman [while in detention] complained to the police about his constant blackmail and threats.

Records said the coach was summoned to the police station, where the couple admitted that they had been sexually involved. He was made to sign an undertaking not to blackmail the woman.

However, he did not keep his word, threatened the woman again and told several of her friends and other sportspersons about the videos.

Soon after, the man was taken into custody.

Prosecutors accused the Emirati woman and the Lebanese man of having consensual sex and also accused the coach of blackmailing her.

The suspects appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance, where they admitted to having consensual sex.

The man denied blackmailing the former champion.

The woman told prosecutors: “We fell in love and had consensual sex in several places across Dubai. We used to film each other while having sex and used to exchange those videos on WhatsApp. I used to be under the influence of drugs every time we filmed ourselves having sex. When I decided to break up with him, he started blackmailing me. I was coerced to surrender myself to him to prevent provoking him into posting those videos.

“Later, my mother found out about our affair. We notified the police. He didn’t stop blackmailing me even when I was detained in a drug case.”

The woman’s mother was quoted as telling prosecutors that she learnt about her daughter’s affair in 2017, and that the coach had been threatening and blackmailing her daughter. She added that she complained to the police after people at her daughter’s shooting club learnt about her daughter and coach’s dalliance, and the sex tapes.

The trial continues.


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