Dubai-based Relocation Consultancy Sets its Sights to Become the Largest Relocation Company in the World

In late 2015 existing shareholder Ashley Thornton and new investor and Managing Partner David Donnelly acquired Echo-Xpats Relocation Consulting with the ambition to, “become one of the largest Relocation and Change Management Consulting Companies in the world,” expressed David.  Echo-Xpats was founded in the United Arab Emirates and has been successfully providing relocation services in the Middle East for more than 11 years, but now under new management is expanding its global footprint and branching out into Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

Ashley Thornton explained, “Despite dramatic oil fluctuations and the economic conditions that are attributed to it, companies are still finding opportunity for talent migration and continue to relocate their staff into the region.”

Echo-Xpats works with some of the leading companies in the energy, IT, FMCG, pharmaceutical, legal and shipping industries including many Fortune 500 corporations and has been a key influence in helping to integrate their new employees to the Middle East.

Since its takeover, the company has invested heavily into their marketing and business development teams, implementing strategies and systems that integrate into their ISO 9001 quality management framework.  With this focus, Echo-Xpats is not only able to expand their operations into other territories, but also diversify their service portfolio to include organizational change management programs and technical staffing solutions, which they believe will become of greater value to HR departments during times of increased cost optimization.

David explains that the quality of service delivery is at the core of Echo-Xpats’ operations; “understanding client requirements and ensuring that we deliver them on schedule and within budget is key to our success. We differentiate ourselves from our competition by offering a bespoke service personalized for our corporate clients, and optimized for our individual customers.”

To find out more about Echo-Xpats and the service offerings please visit, or contact us at or +971 4 427 3726.


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