Dubai airport worker jailed for molesting girl

Dubai: An airport ground staff worker lost his appeal and will be jailed for three months for molesting a holidaymaker after he lured her to wait for her morning flight with him inside a hotel room.

The 19-year-old British holidaymaker was present at the Dubai International Airport waiting for her early morning flight after she had spent a five-day visit with her friend in January.

Around 4am, the 27-year-old Asian worker came up to the girl and invited her for coffee after he had notified her that her flight to the UK would be delayed.

Then he talked the girl to go with him and wait for her flight at a hotel room at the airport that he had booked for her.

When she lied down on the bed, the attendant came up to her and played with her hair then he touched her knees and massaged her feet.

Although the Asian had apologised for what he had done, the girl stormed out of the room and reported the matter to the police office at the airport.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the man of molesting the 19-year-old and jailed him for three months.

However, he appealed his punishment before the Appeal Court where he pleaded not guilty.

According to her police statement, the British girl claimed that she was too sleepy when the suspect touched her.

The presiding judge dismissed the defendant’s appeal and upheld his three-month imprisonment.

He will be deported after serving his jail term.

A policeman said upon questioning, the accused said that he only touched her to wake her up for breakfast.


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