Dubai airbnb more expensive than London, New York but not costliest in Gulf region

Dubai topped London and New York in an index of the most expensive airbnb destinations.

The Bloomberg World Airbnb Cost Index ranked more than 100 cities based on the average daily cost of lodging in private dwellings for two guests.

Dubai was in sixth place at US$168, ahead of Los Angeles in seventh at $165.

But Dubai was not the most expensive location in the Arabian Gulf on the index.

Kuwait City, with an average airbnb rate of $178, was the priciest city in the region and in fifth place globally.

Rio de Janeiro topped the list at $206 a night, but the results may have been skewed because part of the survey window overlapped with the Olympics.

The best value to be had was in Mexico City, which ranked 102nd with an average rate of $32.

Airbnb has grown in popularity in Dubai as the comparatively high cost of hotel rooms led to more visitors seeking out alternative accommodation.

“Airbnb is good news for Dubai. It helps grow and diversify tourism, increase consumer choice and will attract new guests to this exciting destination,” Airbnb’s regional managing director Olivier Grémillon told The National in May.

The number of Airbnb guests staying in Dubai properties has nearly doubled over the past year, with nearly 3,500 listings across the emirate, the company said.

Now Dubai tourism authorities are working with the company to promote responsible rentals.

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