Du to start selling environment-friendly smartphone charger

Bored of carrying around conventional battery packs for when your smartphone inevitably runs out of juice? Thanks to du, you’ll soon be able to charge your device using technology that relies on little more than salt and water (although don’t go dipping your iPhone in the sea just yet).

The telco yesterday announced that it would start exclusively selling the Jaq, an environmentally-friendly fuel cell charger from Swedish manufacturer myFC, from the second quarter of this year.

Unlike conventional battery packs, which require charging from mains electricity, the Jaq generates electricity via single use recyclable PowerCard proton exchange membrane fuel cells, containing water and salt.

Inserting a PowerCard into the device triggers produces hydrogen, which is in turn converted into energy,

Each PowerCard produces 1800 mAh of power, which myFC claims is enough to fully charge most smartphones.

The device, which has been cleared for use on airplanes, was first launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last March.

MyFC said last year that the Jaq, which weighs 180 grams and is 21 mm thick, will cost no more than $99, with each PowerCard retailing for between $1.5-$2.00.

Du has declined to say how much the device and cartridges will retail for in the UAE.


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