Drunk worker assault and insult two policemen

Suspect turned violent and rude with police after he was barred from lighting cigarette in police car

Dubai: A fast-food restaurant worker has been accused of assaulting and insulting two policemen and tearing the uniform, of one of them when they tried to arrest him for theft.

Police were said to have been alerted about an alleged case of theft to have taken place at the restaurant’s labour accommodation in January in Al Qouz.

Once a police patrol arrived at the accommodation, the complainant told the policemen that he suspected, according to records, that his 23-year-old Egyptian co-worker had been involved in theft.

As the policemen approached the 23-year-old worker to question him, he turned out to be under the influence of liquor and so he was put in the police patrol, said records.

Once a policeman prevented him from lighting a cigarette inside the police patrol, the 23-year-old turned rowdy and started shouting at the policeman.

The worker assaulted and insulted the policeman and tore his uniform when he tried to handcuff him.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of drinking liquor, assaulting and insulting two policemen and tearing the uniform of one of them.

When the suspect appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance, he pleaded guilty and admitted to drinking liquor.

“I did not assault the policemen, but yes I cursed them after they had cursed me. They beat me and insulted me first,” he told presiding judge Urfan Omar.

One of the policemen told prosecutors that the incident happened when they went to investigate a theft complaint at the labour accommodation at 1.30am.

“The complainant pointed towards the co-worker [suspect] and alleged that he suspected to have been robbed by him. When we questioned the suspect, he turned out to be drunk and we put him in the police car. When my colleague prevented him from smoking in the police car, he got angry and acted rowdily. He cursed and assaulted us and tore my colleague’s uniform when we tried to handcuff him. He cursed out loudly in front of others. He punched me as he resisted arrest,” he claimed to prosecutors.

The other policemen confirmed his partner’s statement and told prosecutors that they restrained the suspect and took him into custody.

A ruling in the case will be announced on April 16.


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