Drunk woman tourist kicks, bites policewoman

Suspect resisted being handcuffed following fight with another woman, court hears

Dubai: A woman tourist got intoxicated, kicked and bit a policewoman and destroyed the window of a police car, a court heard on Tuesday.

Police were said to have been alerted about a catfight between two drunk women in front of the entrance of a hotel in Deira’s Naif area in February.

A police patrol was dispatched and the two women who had been assaulting each other were found in front of the hotel, said records.

When the women were found to be drunk, a policewoman approached one of them, a 24-year-old Russian tourist, wanting to handcuff her. The tourist turned rowdy and resisted arrest and then kicked and bit the policewoman in her face in a bid to prevent her from handcuffing her.

Officers restrained the tourist and put her inside the police car, according to records, before she repeatedly kicked the window, breaking it.

Prosecutors accused the Russian of beating and biting a policewoman, destroying a police car and drinking alcohol. The suspect pleaded guilty when she appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Tuesday.

“Yes, I assaulted her but I was under the influence of liquor. I did not mean to assault her … I didn’t bite her but I just pushed her when she tried to handcuff me,” the suspect contended before presiding judge Shaikha Hamad.

The told the court that she was not aware of her actions since she was too drunk.

“Yes I broke the glass of the window … I am sorry,” she contended before presiding judge Hamad.

The policewoman told prosecutors: “We headed to the hotel where an incident of assault had been reported. The suspect was heavily drunk. When I tried to handcuff her, she refused and assaulted me. My partners helped me retrain her … when she was in the police car, she kicked the window and banged her head on the glass that was broken.”

A ruling will be heard on April 29.


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