Drunk woman headbutts wall in police station

Woman assaults police officers as they tried to put her in police car after rowdy behaviour at nightclub

Dubai: A woman who got drunk and tried to kill herself before police officers by nail-scratching herself and banging her head on a wall at a police station was jailed for a month.

Police were called in to a hotel after the 24-year-old Moroccan woman had gotten heavily drunk and was behaving rowdily at a nightclub in Hor Al Anz area.

Policemen rushed to the hotel and when attempts to calm her down failed, a female officer was called in as a backup.

Another patrol was dispatched to the location instantly, according to records, but when the policewoman tried to talk the Moroccan into sitting in the police car, she refused and started scratching herself and her face with her nails.

Eventually, the policewoman managed to restrain the Moroccan, put her in the police car and took her to the police station.

As she was being questioned at the police station, the Moroccan woman lost her temper, became uncontrollable as she nail-scratched herself again, and banged her head repeatedly on the wall.

As the apprehending policewoman tried to handcuff her, the Moroccan assaulted and pushed her.

Prosecutors charged the Moroccan defendant with assaulting a policewoman and referred her to the Dubai Court of First Instance.

She was also referred to the Dubai Misdemeanours Court where she was tried for drinking liquor, attempting suicide, verbally threatening the policewoman and a policeman to have them fired from the task force and staying in the UAE illegally.

The Misdemeanours Court sentenced the defendant to a month in jail and fined Dh5,000 followed by deportation.

When she stood trial before the Court of First Instance, the defendant pleaded not guilty and denied pushing or assaulting the policewoman.

“I did not do that. I want mercy, your honour, as I am innocent,” she told presiding judge Mohammad Jamal.

The policewoman testified to prosecutors that the defendant pushed her when she tried to stop her from hurting herself.

A policeman claimed to prosecutors that he spotted the Moroccan pushing her female partner.

After the defendant mocked and ridiculed the police staff, who tried to stop her from hurting herself, she refused to be taken to hospital, said records.

During questioning, the Moroccan admitted to police interrogators that she consumed alcohol but she denied trying to kill herself.

“I had a valuable wristwatch with me at the nightclub but when my countrywoman stole it from me, I got angry and tried to hurt myself. I had received the watch as a gift from a friend,” the defendant told the police.

The Court of First Instance’s ruling will be heard on February 25.


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