Dog steals amputated limb from hospital

‘Facilities at government hospitals in Bihar have gone to the dogs’, opposition RJD party says

Patna: A stray dog sneaked inside the operation theatre of a government hospital in Bihar and walked away with the amputated limb of a patient, who succumbed to his injuries soon thereafter.

Authorities have ordered an investigation into the serious lapses on the part of the hospital staff.

The incident took place at the Sadar hospital in Buxur town, some 117 kilometres west of Patna, on Sunday evening but was reported in the local media on Tuesday.

As per the report, a passenger identified as Ramnath Mishra, from Ara town, was boarding an express train at the Buxur station when his feet slipped and he fell under the wheels of the train. He suffered serious injuries in his feet and hands.

The profusely bleeding passenger was soon rushed to the local Sadar hospital where the doctors had to amputate one of his legs keeping in view the seriousness of his health condition.

After the operation was over, the amputated limb was thrown into a waste container, while hospital staff remained busy attending to the patient.

Meanwhile, a stray dog entered the operating theatre and fled with the amputated limb in its mouth.

Soon after being informed, hospital staff launched an extensive search for the dog but failed to trace it, reports said.

A senior health official said the amputated limb was of no use although a dog fleeing with the body part was indeed a serious lapse.

“The hospital cleaners had thrown the amputated limb in the waste containers. Apparently, the dog took away from it and fled,” the local civil surgeon Dr K.K. Lal said.

According to him, attending the patient and administering medicines to him was more important than taking care of the amputated limb.

The seriously wounded passenger ultimately died at the hospital, despite all efforts by doctors to save his life.

The opposition Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) severely criticised the state government, accusing it of failing to keep up standards at government-run hospitals, and also posted a photograph of the dog with the limb in its mouth on its Facebook page.

“Facilities at government hospitals have gone to the dogs … the canines are now ruling the Intensive Care Units,” alleged the RJD in its Facebook comment.

“The situation is such that the dogs are now fleeing with the amputated limb of patient from the hospital,” it added.

Earlier in December, the state government in Bihar had ordered an investigation after stray dogs were found sleeping on beds alongside patients, as they fled the deadly cold outdoors at the Sadar (main) hospital in Muzaffarpur, a northern Bihar town.

The government ordered an investigation after a photograph of dogs sleeping on the beds went viral on social media.

Photos showed the dogs seating or relaxing on the beds alongside several patients admitted to the surgical ward of the hospital.

Reports said, of the total 40 beds in the surgery ward, dogs captured at least 10 since the city began experiencing winter spell.


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