Do you want to name this baby mandrill?

Residents can visit Emirates Park Zoo and Resort’s Facebook page and choose from names including Damocles, Dali, Dakarai or Dabi

Abu Dhabi: The Emirates Park Zoo and Resort has launched a social media competition to give residents a chance to name a baby mandrill.

Mandrills are medium-to-large primates that are native to the tropical jungles of western and central Africa. Their most distinguishable features are a red and blue coloured nose and multi-coloured rear.

Social media users can choose from names including Damocles, Dali, Dakarai or Dabi. To vote, visit the Emirates Park Zoo and Resort’s Facebook page.

The mandrill — a male — was born on February 3 to mother Dora and father Junio. He can be spotted in the Primate Parade along with his parents.

Dr Waleed Sha’aban, manager of Emirates Park Zoo and Resort, said: “Although Dora is very protective, we are delighted to see the little one exploring on its own, carefully learning the ropes and navigating its new home.

“We have skilful primate keepers who keep a close eye on the baby monkey as well as on Dora who is given the proper care for her baby. This marks our continuous drive towards maintaining a healthy genetic population for the future generations of mandrills.”

Mandrills are classified as vulnerable to extinct in the wild due to hunting and deforestation.

The work of Emirates Park Zoo includes onsite wildlife conservation efforts to support international animal conservation groups.


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