Ditched lover jailed for murdering ex-girlfriend

7-year-old affair ends brutally with accused striking victim with baseball bat and knifing her neck

Dubai: A cargo inspector lost his appeal and will be jailed for life for killing his ex-girlfriend by battering her head with a baseball bat and stabbing her with a knife.

The 29-year-old Kenyan inspector’s seven-year love affair ended brutally when he killed his countrywoman in March 2016.

The accused had followed his ex-girlfriend for weeks and repeatedly called her but when she persistently dodged him, he decided to kill her.

In March, the Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the Kenyan accused of premeditated murder, arson and wrecking private property.

The accused bought a baseball bat and a knife from Deira before he went to the victim’s office, where he hid inside the emergency exit space in the building for some time.

At 5.30pm, he forced his way into the office and killed his ex-girlfriend with the baseball bat and knife.

He also set the office on fire by using a cloth soaked in petrol.

The accused appealed his life sentence before the Dubai Appeal Court and sought to have it reduced.

On Sunday, presiding judge Eisa Mohammad Al Sharif dismissed the defendant’s appeal and upheld his life imprisonment.

Presiding judge Al Sharif said the accused will be deported following the completion of his jail term.

The baseball bat and knife will be confiscated, according to the appellate ruling.

Police and fire fighters were informed about the incident by one of the co-workers of the victim.

The 29-yar-old defendant pleaded guilty in the appeal court and admitted that he murdered the victim but sought to reduce the sentence.

“I killed her but I did not plan the murder in advance,” he said.

Records said the Kenyan had pre-planned to kill his girlfriend and for this he bought a baseball bat and a knife and hid them in a bag. Then he headed to the victim’s office where he set the place on fire and killed the woman.

The deceased’s 27-year-old female co-worker said the victim broke up with the cargo inspector because he was alcoholic.

“I came to know from her best friend in Kenya that she dumped him and he could not deal with the fact that she had broken up with him. He called her daily but she never responded and always dodged him. The victim shared the same apartment with her boyfriend but she moved into my place after she broke up with him. On the day of the incident, the accused came to office and knocked at the door. When we opened the door we found the defendant standing outside. He looked very angry. He walked in and lit up a piece of cloth soaked with petrol and tossed it up. The cloth fell on the rug. Then he rushed towards the victim, who tried to lock herself inside the washroom but could not do so as it was already locked from inside by another colleague. When the victim yelled at the defendant, he pounded her with the bat and as she fell down he hit her again. I called for help; I bumped into a colleague in the elevator and we rushed down to call the security for assistance but didn’t find anyone. When police came, we went up to the office but the defendant had already left and my friend was lying dead with a knife stabbed in her neck,” the co-worker testified.

A policeman said the accused was spotted on surveillance cameras while entering and leaving the building.

“He was apprehended hiding at his friend’s residence in Sharjah,” testified the policeman.

The appellate ruling remains subject to appeal before the Cassation Court within 30 days.


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