Dewa power stations cut consumption by 75% – by switching lighting

The switch to energy saving lighting by Dewa at two power stations in Dubai has cut power consumption by nearly 75 per cent.

Etihad Esco, the agency responsible for implementing energy efficiency programmes in Dubai, replaced 8,500 lighting fixtures with high efficiency LED lights in Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s Jebel Ali and Al Awir plants.

The project has resulted in annual savings of Dh6.6 million based on commercial electricity rates in the emirate, a statement said.

“This pioneering project in Dubai demonstrates the viability and efficiency of the LED technology in achieving energy savings while ensuring better light quality,” said Stephane le Gentil, chief executive of Etihad Esco.

The company said that Dewa’s investment of Dh21m would be paid back through savings in less than three-and-a-half years. Mr le Gentil added that the biggest impact would be the large reduction in energy consumption while reducing the maintenance budget for lighting to zero.

Olav Scholte, senior marketing manager at Philips Lighting, said at a conference in Dubai last week that there would be a 70 per cent increase in lighting points globally by 2050 as a result of population growth and increasing urbanisation.

Lighting accounted for 19 per cent of the world’s total electricity consumption, but in the Middle East region, that figure is slightly higher at 22 per cent, according to Alfonso D’Andretta, Philips Lighting head of systems centre in Dubai.

“Importance of energy efficient LED lighting solutions is getting more crucial every day for a more sustainable standard of living,” he said.


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