Crowdfunding start to pave the way for Investors and Entrepreneurs in Middle East,U.A.E and India

Do you believe that your idea is worth funding? Are you stbucks_siraj_Ad_type_2_001ruggling to get capital for your startup?   Then come to the international source of capital fund and gain ample support for your unique and creative idea.

The toughest part about starting a venture is finding a source of capital. Many people take out loans to make their dream or idea alive and spent their whole life to pay back these debts. Now the things have changed.  The old loan and funding system has replaced by the new concept which is known as Crowdfunding, the micro financing of a project or ventures by a large number of funders in an online setting. Simply it can be said as the solicitation of funds from multiple investors through a web based platform or social networking sites for a specific project, business venture or social cause. Since the late 1990s, this new form of informal financing system has been emerging as one of the best tools and successfully built up a new standard of excellence in the capital marketing.

This mode of financing is not new. What is new in crowdfunding is that it uses the capabilities of social network and other features of internet which enables the large number of users. There arise the question, how this becomes so popular?  It’s because of its extensive scope and simplicity of function. The fiscal crisis of 2008 had paralyzed the whole financial market and traditional system based on banks and other business establishment failed to keep the economical balance. It is during that time Crowdfunding emerged and re-established a strong financial system and a global entrepreneurial environs.

Crowdfunding has become the most viable way to fund the creative ventures and startups. There are more than 600 crowdfunding platforms around the world. But still so many people are not aware of this flexible source of capital. Startups and creative project such as music, art, and films get more privileges through this platform. It also helps the early stage companies to move on to the next level.

The benefits of crowdfunding is two sided. Crowdfunding provides ample opportunities for investment in spite of all the geographical barrier. The unique feature of investment in a Crowdfunding is anyone who gets interested in the idea can make their investment. Even a single Dollar is valued. It can make someone’s dream alive., promoted by a UAE based business consultancy company is one of the leading Crowdfunding platform with a wide network of business experts, genuine and reliable investors. If you think that your idea is worth funding and you are able to describe your project and its goal, you can register and add your project in  It is a team of business experts who made their signature in the field of IT, investments and real estate and also are the eminent partners in the development of great Project on UAE. Their motto is a solid base for everlasting success in capital marketing.

All types of projects which seem unfit for the patterns and rules of traditional capital market can find adequate capital through this web based international platform of And what is required is just need to fix a goal and budget for your project. If you can explain your plan with suitable image and video in you can successfully find outpourings of support from all over the world. Entrepreneurs must provide all the information regarding their project like

  • How long will it take to complete the project?
  • How much baking need to complete the project?
  • How does the money be used and details about the reward.

They also need to keep in touch with the community during the development of project.

The crucial aspect of crowdfunding is the question of compensation and reward for the investors. Though few will pledge money simply to provide support. But as per the rules of crowdfunding the donors to be given anything as reward for their support.  This reward may be an immaterial acknowledgements ranging from a mere thank you mail, enhanced version s of the product, merchandise and souvenirs to making the contributor part of the product.

Buckscapital is such a large international platform which help the upcoming entrepreneurs to connect to a global network of investors who are interested in the respected projects. “The coming year is the year of Crowdfunding and it is the most vibrant and fruitful accomplishment to strengthen the global entrepreneurial environs.” Said the CEO of Buckscapital. Once you register your project in you will get the direct access to the investors which facilitate to gain market validation and exposure of the project. It’s a place where you can find risk free environment to make your idea alive which trigger rapid growth of the company.


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