Content and quality matter the most

Vikas Chopra has been reading Gulf News since 2003 and found the content informative and relevant; he subscribed to the paper in 2008.

This Indian expatriate said: “Gulf News offers comprehensive global coverage, highlighting current affairs, political issues in every part of the world that mattered to the readers. As subscribers it is important for us to get to read and get updated of what major happenings are going on worldwide.”

Chopra, 38, is working as a regional sales manager in Dubai. He always goes through the local stories and international news and business section. He said: “Gulf News offers accurate news about the local current affairs, laws of the land, regional and international news, which are significant to the Emiratis and expatriates. I think Gulf News is essential to society, as it plays an important role to all the dwellers in the UAE, by publishing stories that affect the majority of the population. I prefer reading Gulf News compared to other newspapers due to its wide news coverage, unbiased reporting and genuine approach.

As far as Gulf News subscription offer is concerned, they are always useful and provides value for money but I personally have never considered Gulf News specifically for subscription offer but for its content and quality, which I have been enjoying since the past 15 years, added Chopra.

His wife is also a regular reader of Gulf News according to Chopra. He said that her favourites are tabloid! and the Friday magazine as they keep her informed of the latest trends in the region and around the world. “My children are still small to read the newspaper, but we’ll instill in them the habit of reading the paper.”

Chopra suggests: “Gulf News can enhance its coverage in the entertainment section from Asia, such as Bollywood, and give us more coverage of international news and current affairs covering the whole world for the benefit of expatriates living in the UAE.”


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