College Counselor (2019-2020) – Arab International Academy – Qatar

Academic Development:

The High School College Guidance Counselor shall:

  • Meet with students prior to and during the registration process, inform the students of classes relative to course selection and assist the administration in the registration and scheduling process.
  • Conduct follow-up meetings with students after the master schedule is developed to make any necessary changes in students’ schedules.
  • Conduct orientation meetings with all eighth grade public and parochial middle school students to provide information regarding class offerings and registration procedures.
  • Provide individual counseling for students regarding scheduling upon request of the student or his/her parent/guardian.
  • Make recommendations to students regarding class selection that take into consideration the student’s abilities, background and interests.
  • The recommendations may be made by means of small group and/or individual meetings or other methods recommended by teachers.
  • Meet with students individually or in groups to discuss credits, courses and entrance exams required by colleges and technical schools.
  • Advise students regarding the accuracy and completeness of records and credits and perform periodic credit checks from grades nine through 12 with an emphasis on the senior year.
  • Provide written contact and telephone calls to parents/guardians of senior students who are deficient in their credit status.
  • Provide information to students needing to attend summer programs to make up credit deficiencies.
  • Coordinate homebound instruction for students who qualify.
  • Assist new, transfer and foreign exchange students in enrollment, registration, class selection, grades in progress and the transfer of credits. He/she shall conduct a screening of cumulative records and/or parent/guardian/student interviews of all students new to the school.
  • Evaluate credits from outside sources.
  • Coordinate the testing program at the high school and compile and disseminate test results to appropriate personnel, students and parents/guardians.
  • Be responsible for assisting the administration in the compilation of a course description booklet and the distribution of this booklet to every student in high school.
  • Be available for parent conferences in conjunction with the regular school-wide conference.


Personal/Social Development:

The High School Guidance College Counselor shall:

  • Facilitate student involvement in appropriate remedial classes or alternative education programs.
  • Participate in multidisciplinary activities for selected students by contacting and meeting with special education staff members. He/she shall contribute information in the areas of academic achievement in regular education classes, professional impressions of the student based on observations and interviews and make available information about the student provided to the district by outside agencies.
  • Assist special education staff members, including the School Psychologist, in screening special education referrals by providing background information.
  • Act as a referral agent in the regular education staffing by receiving referrals from staff, making contact with the student and possibly the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) and conducting conferences to determine potential outcomes.
  • Provide a link between students and appropriate community resources and outside agencies.
  • Assist students in alternative education programs by receiving referrals from administrators, teachers, parents/guardians and students.
  • Help resolve student/teacher conflicts by meeting with the student(s) and teacher individually or in groups to determine the nature and extent of the problem and to outline possible remedial strategies.
  • Career Development:

  The High School Guidance Counselor shall:

  • Direct students to provide them with sources of vocational/technical, career, college, military information and work.
  • Maintain a library of catalogs, pamphlets and directories from colleges, technical schools and military academies. This information shall include forms, scholarship information, financial aid information, military services information and occupational briefs.
  • Provide newsletters and other information to parents/guardians and students that relate to testing dates, college visitation dates, deadlines for filing applications, presentations that are held for career speakers and dates of military recruiter visits.
  • Direct students to appropriate Internet sites that will allow students to conduct their own interest inventories and secure information about an array of vocational, career and post high school experiences.
  • Organize, interpret and administer interest and achievement testing for students.
  • Coordinate a College Fair.
  • Coordinate individual visits from college representatives.
  • Initiate contacts with professionals in the community and arrange for students to job shadow.
  • Assist outside agencies visiting the school and speaking to groups of interested students. This shall include military, college and technical school representatives and representatives of careers available without post-secondary training.
  • Process post-secondary and scholarship applications.
  • Write letters of recommendation for students who want to enter post-secondary institutions or are applying for jobs.
  • Prepare and process scholarship materials; establish, organize and meet with scholarship committees; make scholarship applications available to students; and guide students through the total process.
  • Maintain information on institutions that offer scholarships.
  • Be responsible for programming meetings with the parents/guardians of seniors



Teach up to 50% of the teaching load of a full time teacher.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2019-02-20
Job Location: Doha, Qatar
Job Role: Teaching and Academics
Company Industry: Education, Training, and Library
Joining Date: 2016-08-01

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career
Degree: Bachelor’s degree

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