Coalition fighter jets target Al Houthi locations

Yemen: Backed by the UAE Armed Forces, the fighter jets and artillery of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition in Yemen targeted the Al Houthi militias’ locations and assemblies in the Al Hussainya, Zubaid, Tahita, and parts of Hayes district.

The attack led to the destruction of their military reinforcements and equipment and the mass flee of militias from the battlefronts to nearby mountains.

Many of members of the Iran-backed Al Houthis were killed in air raids carried out by the Arab Coalition fighter jets and in clashes with the Joint Yemeni Resistance Forces on the Red Sea coast.

The deaths brought to more than 140 the toll of the militiamen in the past two days. The qualitative and devastating air strikes have confused the militias’ ranks and weakened their military capabilities amid the accelerated field progress of Yemeni Resistance forces towards Hodeidah Airport and its strategic port.

During the past two days, the joint Yemeni Resistance Forces have captured many Al Houthi militias and destroyed their defences and fortifications.

The latest capturing of members of the Al Houthi militia followed the large field advance of the joint Yemeni Resistance forces in Al Duraihami and Al Hussainynia districts.

The militia are retreating on various battlefronts as a result of the rapid advance of pro-government forces towards Hodeidah to free it from the coup perpetrators.


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