Cleaner who lap-danced and had sex with clubbers was not ‘paid her commission’

Dubai: A waiter and a vendor have been accused of inciting a woman cleaner to lap-dance and have sex with clubbers for money, a court heard on Sunday.

The 23-year-old Nepalese cleaner was said to have had a heated argument and scuffled with the 36-year-old Indian waiter and his 31-year-old countryman vendor before she went to the police station to complain in December.

As she walked into the police station to complain that the Indian duo had made her lap-dance and have sex with clubbers without paying her money, according to records, a policeman noticed that she was drunk.

Records said the Nepalese cleaner was taken for an alcohol test and the 36-year-old waiter and the 31-year-old vendor were summoned for questioning.

Police interrogations revealed that the Indian men had incited the Nepalese woman to dance and have sex with clubbers for money.

Prosecutors charged the Nepalese suspect of having paid sex with strangers and the Indian suspects were accused of encouraging the woman to render sexual services for money.

The Indian suspects pleaded not guilty when they appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday.

Prison wardens did not bring the Nepalese suspect from her detention and produce her before presiding judge Mohammad Jamal in courtroom three.

A police corporal claimed to prosecutors that the Nepalese woman called the police following a fight between her and the two Indian suspects.

“We went to the nightclub where the incident had taken place. The woman complained to me that the two men made her dance for clubbers and have sex with them without paying her the money that they had agreed upon earlier. She seemed drunk and was taken for a liquor test … the Indian men were also brought in for questioning. During questioning, the 23-year-old suspect claimed that she met the two men once and agreed to dance and have sex with clubbers for money. The Nepalese alleged that they paid her for the first three sexual dalliances she had and then stopped paying her. The 36-year-old suspect claimed, when I questioned him, that he had agreed with the woman that she would have sex with clubbers for Dh1,500 and then he would pay her a commission,” the corporal testified to prosecutors.

Presiding judge Jamal adjourned the case until the Nepalese suspect is brought from her detention on February 27.


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