Chief Operations Officer – Property Management – Mackenzie Jones – United Arab Emirates

The role holder is responsible for leading and directing the Property Management Department to ensure efficient and effective provision of customer services, property management and asset management services for both the Client owned and managed properties. The role holder is also responsible for developing internal capability to enhance operational efficiency, strengthen service quality and customer relations to differentiate, build, and extend Property

Management services to external/third-parties. The role holder shall carry out his duties in accordance with the stipulated business policies and procedures.


A. Strategic Managerial Responsibilities

1. Develops the strategy for the unit in collaboration with the Department Head and in alignment with the Department strategy, and guides the development of strategy for the reporting unit, in line with the stated group priorities.

2. Prepares and manages the annual budget for the unit in conjunction with the group budget and secures subsequent approval, tracks expenditure to ensure overall adherence to the budget.

3. Supports the development of the workforce plan for the Department by providing workforce inputs for own unit.

4. Defines the operating framework and policies for the unit and ensures compliance with internal quality standards of the Department and group.

B. Core Responsibilities Strategy & Policy Implementation and Development

1. Leads the development and implementation of plans in order to maximize the operational performance of Property Management for both owned and managed assets of AIMS.

2. Establishes Departmental policies, processes and procedures in line with AIMS’s organizational policies, market best practices and legislative requirements in order to ensure strong adherence within in the organization.

3. Ensures compliance and cost control mechanisms are in place in order to protect the interests of the organization.

4. Coordinates with external service providers and vendors in order to ensure effective provision of facility management services.

Budget and Cost Control

1. Forecasts the budgetary requirements for the Department and obtains relevant approvals from the Finance Department in order to set and/or achieve the strategic goals of the organization.

2. Ensures adherence to approved CAPEX and OPEX budget for respective units (residential and commercial), through regular monitoring and cost control mechanisms in order to assess project profitability across all units.

3. Negotiates and finalizes the cost for the procurement of services, contracting terms, materials etc. with the vendors ensuring best interests for Client.

Asset Management

1. Owns and enables enhancement of overall economic value and performance of each property, including Leasing Revenue, Space Visibility, EBITDA, Net Operating Income, Capitalization Rate, etc) in order to achieve project profitability of the assets managed by AIMS.

2. Performs asset diagnosis and reviews asset-level annual budgets for leasing and property operations ensuring they are in line with the long-term plans of AIMS.

3. Leads the cross-functional teams during the re-development process of the properties (commercial, retail and residential) and development of other potential spaces for AIMS in order to provide guidance and support to the overall team.

Department Standards, Quality and Risk Management

1. Ensures implementation and compliance with operational, quality and service management procedures, policies, guidelines and systems across all AIMS properties are in accordance with applicable organizational guidelines, statutory requirements, best practices etc. in order to ensure smooth co-ordination/co-operation among various sections to facilitate business needs and enhance customer and tenant experience(s).

2. Directs the development of Quality Control processes, parameters/metrics and policies for AIMS facilities/units in order to ensure that all the activities performed by AIMS are in alignment with AIMS’s quality standards.

3. Ensures the development of risk identification, assessment and mitigation frameworks in the departmental plan (risks pertaining to economic fluctuations, customer demand, competition, political Instability, etc.).

Vendor Management and Contracting


Qualifications \[ Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Real Estate Property Management, Engineering or related field. Essential

\[ Master’s degree in Business Administration, Real Estate Property Management, Engineering or related field. Essential

Professional Certifications

Preferred \[ Professional qualification such as the Certified Property Manager (CPM) from Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). Preferred

Years of Experience

\[ A minimum of 10 to 15 years. Essential

Nature of \[ Minimum of 5 years in leading large property/asset management or real estate Essential

1. Liaises with third party property/facilities management partners, service providers and other suppliers/vendors in order to build and enhance strategic and business partnership.

2. Directs all the activities related to the tendering process, in order to provide guidance to individuals within the Property Management division, which includes for evaluating and selecting the third party service provider (but is not limited to): \[ Development of the RFI/RFQ/RFP documentation \[ Classification of bidders \[ Analyses, review and screening of received quotations/proposals \[ Selection of the best quotation/proposal

3. Ensures transparent third party selection processes in order to identify capable and cost efficient suppliers/service providers.


1. Ensures the management of facilities, by the third party service provider, is as per the contracts in order to direct effective delivery of required services in accordance with the desired budget, timelines, quality etc. and collection of the requisite fees (rent, security deposits and other payments) on timely basis.

2. Reviews and communicates periodic reports including contributions from leasing and property/facilities management by asset, and makes necessary adjustments in order to ensure that information is effectively communicated.

3. Regularly shares the updates and the reports of the Department with the Management Team and the respective committees in order to enable faster and informed decision making.

C. People Management Responsibilities

1. Develops a continuous talent pipeline for key roles in the unit and provides mentoring for high potential talent in the team to ensure maintaining highly talented workforce.

2. Monitors and enables the achievement of goals and key performance indicators for direct reports and ensures effective implementation of the performance management process in the Department.

3. Defines and facilitates the achievement of goals and key performance indicators for direct reports and ensures effective implementation of the performance management process in the Group.

4. Develops talent within the unit by providing guidance, ongoing feedback, coaching and development opportunities to individuals to enable achievement of the defined goals.




Job Details

Posted Date: 2019-02-14
Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Job Role: Construction and Building
Company Industry: Real Estate
Monthly Salary: US $15,000

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Director/Head
Gender: Male
Nationality: Saudi Arabia
Degree: Bachelor’s degree

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