Chemistry Section Head – First National Operation & Maintenance Co – Saudi Arabia

  • Guide and manage the Lab staff and the department activities to ensure proper guidance and advise on all
    chemistry-related matters to plant operations.
    100% completion on the analytical equipment service program that includes equipment Manufacturer
    recommendation loaded in the OCEN.

  • Complete tendency evaluation of the operational parameters and identification of the parameters
    need more control.
  • 100% maintaining a quarterly inventory of all consumables in the laboratory, e.g. chemicals and
  • With the results of C2 assign the lab personnel with the objective to have a lean organization on the

Review and update any work procedure as per plant requirements.
Ensure 100% compliance to “Key Strict Rules” as follows:

  1. Communicate all routine, abnormal or emergency Plant Chemical condition status with the Plant
    Manager. Discuss Lab equipment limitations, client requirements regarding analysis, Lab equipment
    abnormalities, department personnel issues, relations with other department issues and any concern
    that can affect Lab performance & operation excellence.
  2. Ensure that all Lab activities and tests are carried out in a safe and efficient manner following the
    recommended lab test procedures.
  3. Ensure that all plant chemical parameter values are relayed to the person in charge of the system being
    monitored, for correction (if required). The parameters measured must be between technical
    recommended limits. If parameters are out of recommended range and no actions are taken, the plant
    manager needs to be communicated immediately.
  4. Closely monitor and control chemical inventory to ensure adequate quantities of reagents/bulk
    chemicals are stored; to continue with the routine lab test and chemical dosing to plant systems,
    special attention should be considered during abnormal plant chemical upsets (that produce excess of
  5. 5. Create a culture of prediction where qualified shift personnel monitor equipment performance and
    chemical variable tendencies, and timely inform management on tendency limits.
  6. Strive to set up a culture of lab methodic behavior on the department reinforcing the need to follow
    the strict rules of each position. From the delicate exercise of taking a sample to the complex task of
    getting analytical results, the complete activity should have Zero mistake.
  7. Show an impeccable level of professionalism from lab cleanliness to document organization, personnel
    uniform appearance, tidiness around lab area of work and the place assigned for snacks, office
    paperwork, lab waste disposal, make recommendations for improvement if it is not your main
  8. Keep excellent communication with the client regarding information request and sharing of
    information but always check with Plant Management prior to responding.
  9. Keep excellent control of equipment calibration and validity period; in case of doubt for critical value,
    use certified external laboratories.
  10. Make every possible effort to follow your strict and the lab team strict rules. Create, implement and
    communicate your department internal audit results with the object to correct deviation on the
    operational activities (late arrival, not completing the rounds, not using the proper documentation).

Job Details

Posted Date: 2020-02-26
Job Location: Rabigh, Saudi Arabia
Job Role: Engineering
Company Industry: Utilities

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Management
Nationality: Saudi Arabia
Degree: Bachelor’s degree

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