Cave discovered in Oman 1,300m above sea level

Muscat: Oman’s Ministry of Tourism has announced the discovery of a new cave – Kittat Al Suwairat – approximately 1,300 metres above sea level in Hamra province.

“The Speleological Team of Oman [discovered] yet another of the Sultanate’s natural, geological masterpieces,” the ministry said.

The new cave will enable long-term researchers to study the properties of rocks and groundwater in the area, in addition to becoming a tourist magnet.

“The pathway of the underground cave follows a route similar to the valleys and the shafts above, and descends from an altitude of approximately 1,300 metres above sea level towards the south,” the ministry said.

The cave consists of three main sections, with a number of tunnels, in addition to its 80 metre deep entrance.

In December, three caves were discovered in Oman by a group of explorers in the country’s east.

The new discovery bring the total number of known caves in Oman to 12.

Oman has more than eight famous caves, varying in size, length and geographic formation. The Abu Haban, Al Kittan, Al Hootah, Majlis Al Jinn, Jernan, Muqal, Al Marnif and Teeq and Twi Ateer caves are popular with tourists.

Majlis Al Jinn is considered the second largest cave chamber in the world. Located on Salma plateau, Qurayat province, it is 1,380 metres above sea level.


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