Can UAE driving licence be claimed without residency visa?

I lost my UAE driving licence and my passport as well. I cancelled my visa from the UAE three months ago and have since left the country. Is it possible to get another driving licence to replace the one I lost? I have copies of my licence and passport. What should I do? AH, Pakistan

It used to be the case that only someone with a UAE residency visa could use a UAE licence, but this was overturned by a Dubai court a few years ago, so theoretically it is possible to get a replacement licence even if a person no longer has a visa. It was stated that even if a residency visa is cancelled it does not mean that the driving licence is invalid, so it is usable for the time remaining until it expires. However, a driving licence cannot be renewed without residency. The difficulty is that to request a replacement licence a person is supposed to go to a RTA (Road & Transport Authority) office in person. The RTA has advised that an application can also be made via its website, but I understand that the replacement licence must still be collected in person.

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