Can Dubai residency visa be obtained via property worth Dh800,000?

Can you clarify some questions about getting a residency visa through owning a property? If I am the first buyer of a new property and the price is about Dh800,000, can I get a residency visa? Is it a must that the current value of the property be more than Dh1 million for a visa? What if the first owner paid more than Dh1m but now in the secondary market the price is below that for a new buyer? Can they get a visa? I am looking for a property in Dubai. MK, Dubai

In all cases a property must have a value of Dh1m or more for the owner to be able to apply for a residency visa in Dubai. The rules are very strict and there is no leeway. The Dubai Land Department keeps records of property ownership and will know what was paid for a property as it must be registered on change of ownership. The price registered is the figure that will be taken into consideration if an application is made for a property-related residency visa. If, therefore, the current value or purchase price is less than Dh1m any application will be immediately rejected, based on the current rules.

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