Cameras in Ajman to catch cars with expired plates

Smart detection system will go live on July 1, with fines worth Dh500 and seven-day impoundment

Ajman: Ajman Police is going to activate a smart detection system to fine motorists with expired vehicle registration via their network of traffic cameras.

The system, which is part of ‘Ajman is a Safe City’ project, will start catching violators from July 1.

The system will be able to detect vehicles with expired registration and a Dh500 fine and four black points will be imposed on the violators. The vehicles will be also impounded for seven days.


Lieutenant Colonel Khalid Mohammad Al Nuaimi, deputy director of police operations, said the move will help save time and strengthen road safety.

He urged motorists to renew their expired number plates as they risk a fine, and if they are involved in an accident they won’t be covered by insurance.

Meanwhile, close circuit television (CCTV) surveillance systems are being installed in Ajman to help police and other security forces keep an eye on the public to enhance security services and prevent crimes.

The latest surveillance cameras are currently being used on Ajman roads. The step of installing the advanced cameras comes as part of Ajman Police’s ambitious project titled ‘Ajman is a Safe City’.

As many as 450 video cameras were installed on key roads and vital areas in the emirate in the first phase of the project, which started in 2016.

Ajman Police have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Atlas Telecom to upgrade its city surveillance.

The infrastructure hardware and software has been tailored to suit the specific needs of the Ajman Police Department and, following the roll-out, Ajman Police will have deeper and wider coverage, improved rapid response, sharper investigation and evidence tracking abilities, as well as increased transparency.

These cameras were connected to Ajman Police’s operations room and give regular updates on road safety and traffic flow through the implementation of the latest communication methods, including the internet protocol connect and the 3G LTE.

The operations room is equipped with latest data centres that can guarantee efficient reception, display, storage and protection of data.

These cameras will be used in various fields, including their ability to read cars’ number plates and monitor traffic flow; and police patrols will also be equipped with these cameras.



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