Bushra Maneka: Imran Khan doesn’t have a magic wand

Pakistan’s elusive First Lady Bushra Maneka clears rumours in her first ever sit-down interview

Dubai: Pakistan’s First Lady, Bushra Maneka had her first ever televised interview and people can’t stop talking about all the misconceptions she cleared about herself.

Maneka, who is also known as ‘Bushra Bibi’ has always tried to stay away from the limelight, even after marrying Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan.

However, the instances that she has been seen in public, she has been heavily criticised. From her dressing sense to her mannerisms have been analysed by local media and people.

Now, after her interview with Pakistani journalist Nadeem Malek, Maneka had a chance to speak on her behalf.

She defended her choice of attire and why she chooses to wear the niqab (face veil), praised Khan for being a “simple and humble man” and spoke about her philanthropic efforts.

She also cleared some other rumours surrounding her, such as, her not being fond of Khan’s pet dog and having a ‘spiritual dream’ about marrying him. She said that she takes care of ‘Mottu’, his dog and has never had such a dream.

Speaking about Khan’s role as Prime Minister, she said that he will be changing the face of Pakistan but that he needs some time.

“He does not have a magic wand,” she said.

The segment has gotten a reaction on social media and users are appreciating her answers to Malek’s questions. Soon after it aired, the hashtag #BushraBibi trended on Twitter.

Tweep, Samia Saeed, @TheSamiaSaeed, quoted Maneka and wrote: “‘By reducing a woman’s worth down to her appearance, we slyly diminish her role and her value as a contributor to society.’ Thank you #BushraBibi for helping those elderly, disabled, needy folk and may you continue to prove that a woman is more than just a piece of cloth.”

Similarly, user @eatsleepavoid, tweeted: “As a feminist, I really do not care what #BushraBibi wears. It is her choice to wear what she wants. On a side note, it is refreshing to see her talk about the poor and needy of the country. P.S not a PTI supporter.”

Whereas, Twitter user, Faisal Sherjan, @fsherjan, replied to those who aren’t as fond of the First Lady: “Three reasons why #DifferentlyAbledLiberals are so hurt by #BushraBibi’s interview with #NadeemMalik. They got scooped by a new channel. She was far more eloquent than any of them expected. She actually sounded more liberal than any pretensions they have.”

Many appreciated her for staying “firm on her beliefs”.

User Iram Ahmad Khan, @IramFarhanVirk, tweeted: “She stood firmly with her beliefs and didn’t impose them to others. That’s the best part of this interview. #BushraBibi”

However, there are those who are sceptical.

Twitter user and daughter of the late Pakistani politician Salman Taseer, Sara Taseer, @sarataseer, questioned: “Appreciate her deep concern for disenfranchised sector of society, invalids, orphans, and elderly. She’s vowed to bring change to their circumstances but while spending majority of her time in solitude. How will these two intentions match up? #BushraBibi”


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